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Don’t Double Paragraph

One of the most common errors you see in type—whether it’s a novel, short story, or just a homemade flier—is using two paragraph markers in a row. People will usually do this to create a white space between two lines, but this is a terribly inefficient way to create this effect. The Risks Style inContinue reading “Don’t Double Paragraph”

Feeling Betrayed: Considering conflict, betrayal, and compelling narratives

March first of this year I found myself facing the realization that I had been lied to in a terrible, unforgivable way. I have been lied to before, but this is the first time in my life I have been absolutely betrayed by someone I trusted. Before people speculate, this was not a cheating partnerContinue reading “Feeling Betrayed: Considering conflict, betrayal, and compelling narratives”

Welcome to Relax Draft!

The writing blog for the anxious writer. Writing can be an overwhelming hobby. With so many ideas to put down, grammar rules to remember, audiences to impress, and people to compare yourself to, it’s exhausting for even the experienced writer. But for the inexperienced writer working on their first book, it can be terrifying.

Here at Relax Draft we try to remind ourselves that no one is perfect one hundred percent of the time. Even the best books had a few messy drafts, and your book will be no different.

While there’s always something to improve on in this crazy world of writing, it’s important to keep writing.

And remember to relax, it’s just a draft.


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Have a Book?

I am a freelance fiction editor specializing in the fantasy genre, looking for clients. I work with new and experienced writers alike.

I’ll look at a draft in any state whether it’s had multiple revisions or if it’s a work in progress that needs some help moving forward.

Contact me for more information about my rates and schedule a consultation.